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Insurance Agent/Adjuster

When your customers experience a fire, smoke or water damage loss they expect from their Insurance Agent or Adjuster to recommend a company who provides good service, good workmanship and is able to provide these immediately. If your insured's expectations are not met and they are unhappy with the work performed in their home or business, statistics show they will most likely cancel their policy.Insurance Agent

GBS Restoration Services Corp. understand the importance of superior customer service and quality work. That’s why we demand 100% customer satisfaction on each and every job, insuring the customer is completely satisfied with the work performed and fells “Like new again”

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within minutes of receiving a call, fully trained technicians are instantly send to your insured’s home or business, to mitigate the damage, we know the longer the smoke or water sits the more damage occurs.

Any additional information please contact us to: 1-877-532-5688.